We grow Viburnum Opulus 'Roseum' as an annual ornamental shrub in a 12 L container. From the second half of April till early October the Bush forms flowering branches.

From October the leaves are dropped and the plants go into hibernation. For the bushes that are placed in the greenhouse in early December the use daylight shortening and cooling to force them out of hibernation and enable them to stop flowering. From 1 December onwards these bushes are placed in the greenhouses and are fooled into spring time growth and flowering using temperature increases.


After about four weeks the flowers are ready for harvest. Next we clip the branches that are fully developed. After this they are sorted and made ready for sale.





When flowers are harvested from the bushes they are pruned down and taken outside. In the case of frost the bushes are protected with tarps in order to prevent dehydration.

This way we have three growth periods in the greenhouses and can produce snowballs from January to early April. After the harvest season are placed outside using flat-belt conveyors, and the plants are connected to a watering system. Also the plants are now given controlled release fertilizers to ensure perfect growth.

When fighting harmful insects we attempt to use naturally present enemies where ever possible. If necessary these are supplied with natural enemies brought in from elsewhere. If this proves to be insufficient we use selective chemical crop protection products, which of course are first used locally. We are able to use this manner of crop care because we are adamant about the importance of good business hygiene. All weeding is done manually.