Our carnation season starts at the end of April and continues until early November. We are specialised in an expansive and innovative assortment. The carnation season made be divided into four steps:

  1. Preparation and planting.
  2. Growth and plant care.
  3. Plant care, harvesting and preparing the flowers for sale.
  4. Taking out the plants and preparing the greenhouses for the snowball season

Step 1:

After the snowball season has ended the containers with the substrate are sanitised using soil steamers. During the steaming or harmful organisms in the soil are killed in an environmentally friendly manner. When the substrate is sterile again we add organic fertiliser and granulated beneficial microorganisms. If necessary the substrate is supplied with new peat, coco fibre and compost, which are then mixed through the sterile substrate. Then the greenhouse is supplied with the support materials for the plants and a watering system.



Step 2:

About two weeks after planting the pinching of the plants is started. After this new shoots are formed and the plants continue growing. During this period the cultivation consists of divers plant care actions. Also we are able to do some business maintenance during this period. Starting halfway through July we begin to remove shoots from the quickest varieties.



Step 3:

From early August the start harvesting the first carnations and continue to pick off the shoots. After harvest the carnations are prepared according to the standard regulation. This protects the carnations against ethylene gas. This gas is released by for instance ripening fruit and the ageing process in carnations, shortening their lifespan. After this treatment the carnations are sorted into three groups and are prepared for sale.



Step 4:

Early November the now depleted carnation plants are taken out. We do this by sawing off the plants and taking them out of the greenhouse. Next they are shredded and composted. In the greenhouses are empty they are cleaned and made ready for the snowball season.