Company history

Our company started at the current location at the Oosteinderweg in Aalsmeer in the early 1900’s. My great-grandfather Jacob Oor started growing lilacs and chrysanthemums. Around 1935 he started growing the first cut carnations. The carnations (Dianthus) are still one of the main products of Mediaverdi.



In 1958 my grandfather Jan Buis took over the company from his father-in-law. He then further specialised in the cultivation of lilacs and large flowered carnations. Around 1965 he stopped with lilac cultivation and continued with large flowered carnations and forsythias. The carnations were grown as a three-year crop on a soil substrate separate from the ground. This soil was put in the greenhouse in stonework containers and replaced after three years. This was done because of the sensitivity of carnations for parasite soil funguses (Fusarium). Nowadays we still use more or less the same growing system though we have modernized it. Now the soil is not replaced but seemed to prevent diseases and is then topped up with coco fiber and compost if necessary. The forsythia cultivation is a biannual out door cultivation similar to lilacs. The first years these were grown outdoors which meant that they could only be sold from the end of January. By years of experimenting and testing it became possible to break the hibernation and get the first forsythias on the market in early December. The knowledge obtained here still benefits us today.

forsythia thuis2.jpg       


In 1971 my father Coos Buis took over the company. Since then we are known to the general public and the name Mediaverdi. This name is a Dutch abbreviation of earned with Dianthus. This therefore indicates what cultivation has been important to us throughout the years. During this period mostly read white and pink large flowered carnations were grown. Starting in the 80s, my father switched from large flowered carnations to clustered carnations. These had as a benefit that they were less labour-intensive which allowed the expansion of the forsythia cultivation.



In 1997 I, Johan Buis, came into the company and since then we have been Mediaverdi vof. Together with both my parents my wife and my son we are the backbone of Mediaverdi. Just like history has taught us, the arrival of a successor means a change in cultivation and my coming into the company has proven to be no different. From 1997 we have changed to growing the Viburnum Opulus 'Roseum', (the snowball Bush). Just as lilac and forsythia this is a cutting shrub from which we harvest the forced flowers. However the snowball producers flowering branches every year in contrast with lilacs and the forsythia which only do so every two years. Greenhouses we are growing large flowered carnations again, the change being that we now plans new and exclusive varieties every year which are picked from around 50 new varieties delivered to us by various cultivators worldwide.

After this story of our history and development we hope that our flowers will give you as customer or consumer the same warm and happy feelings that we have for Mediaverdi.